April Vase – classic

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The classic April Vase has a metallic structure with 21 interlocking glass tubes fitted into zinc coated metal frame. You can arrange the components into various shapes and forms.

The tubes may be independently detached from the suite in order to create autonomous segments. In this fashion, the vase can be shortened; or, by easily attaching two or more vases together, any extended length can be achieved.

A few flowers is all it takes to adorn this signature vase.

It comes with a handy spare glass tube. Extra tubes available separately.

Designed by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy in 1991, the April Vase is considered as a classic today. Inspired by Japanese ikebana, this vase glorifies the beauty of flowers by isolating each one in a tube.  Articulated with metal rings, the April Vase adapts its form to the flowers it displays and the support it is placed on, giving every person the pleasure of composing a beautiful flower arrangement.


April Vase - classic 6from France

Tsé & Tsé associées is a French design company. It was founded by two Parisian designers, Sigoléne Prébois and Catherine Lévy. The Tsé & Tsé team, composed of less than ten people, masters the design of objects from their conception to their production and distribution. Prototypes are created in their workshop in the Bastille area of Paris. Every object requires special research in finding the best quality manufacturers. Noble materials are used according to traditional know-how, that favours quality and long life features for the objects. Because of this, lamps, dishes and furniture are made in small series,sometimes individually and rarely over 1000 items per year.

Every item is unique, and these differences are Tsé & Tsé inimitable signature.


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Tsé & Tsé associées


H15 × L18-74 × W3 cm


glass, zincing