AIR VASE / 24 colors

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‘Air Vase 24 COLORS’ is a new series containing Air Vases of 24 colors that are particularly beautiful when spread open, selected from 120 colors of NT RASHA paper from paper specialty store TAKEO.

You can freely shape their form to use it as a tray for small objects, decorate a vase, gift wrap a bottle of wine or present it as a piece of modern art. Create surreal shapes by layering two or more Air Vases together. The thin and lightweight paper gives strength and resistance to the bowl. This intriguing bowl will catch your eye as the colors on each side of the paper creates a different impression every time you look at it.


AIR VASE / 24 colors 7from Japan
Fukunaga Print was founded in Tachikawa City, Tokyo in 1963.
The company is a leading paper processor. It is a specialist for special color printing, printing on heavy paper and card, cutting, pasting and laser processing. Since 2006, the company has worked with various renowned designers, creating and selling original products that expand the possibilities of paper.

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